Security Window Film for Your Home

Anti-Intrusion window filmScottsdale, Arizona – For more than 17 year affluent homes in Scottsdale, AZ were plagued by a thief known as the “Rock Burglar”.  He got his name because he gained entry to these homes by throwing a rock through a window, usually in the master bedroom.

Hundreds of homes were broken into over a 17 year period and millions of dollars worth of valuables were taken.

And it all started with a rock.

Advice from police on preventing burglary’s – Make your home look occupied.  Make it difficult to get it.

We can help with the “Make it hard to get in” part.

Security Window Films installed by IGS Window Film will make your home safer and harder to break into through your windows and glass doors.  We’ve installed our security films in hundreds of homes and businesses around the world to meet some of the toughest security demands.

Burglars such as Scottsdale’s “Rock Bandit” would have had a tough time breaking into homes protected by IGS films.

Protect your home, office and business.  Contact IGS Films for the best in anti-intrusion prevention at 866-900-1476 or fill out our contact form.

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photo by: Eastlaketimes
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